#15YearsOfKalHoNaaHo: 10 things you cannot forget about this film!

By Saheli Maity | November 28th, 2018

"Hason, jiyo, muskurao, kya pata kal ho naa ho"; got the feels, right? The Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan starrer Kal Ho Naa Ho completed 15 years today and some moments are still so fresh in our mind. Since it's #15YearsOfKalHoNaaHo, we couldn't stop ourselves from remembering some scenes that have etched in our hearts forever.

So let's go down the memory lane and get nostalgic. 

1. Aman and Rohit's bromance was simply epic. No one can beat that. 


Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

2. Though those glasses suited Naina's dull and boring life, Naina ka chashma was a rage back then.


Video courtesy:- Feel the movies

3. Rohit and Aman's comic timing were bang on. Don't believe us? Then see it yourself! 



Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

4. The diary scene literally swapped our hearts with love!


Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

5. OMG! KANTA BEN- The name says it all.


Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

6. "6 din ladki in" was the lesson we all wanted to learn back then!


Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

7. "Nice dress...nice tie." 



Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

8. Patriotism to a T! Watch the video and go crazy!


Video courtesy:- Dharma Productions

9. Okay, admit it, even you guys have shed a tear or two. Coz we definitely did.


Video courtesy:- MsShahzeb786

10. Too emotional to handle.



Video courtesy:- OreoKeksii93