Andhadhun trailer takes you on a thriller ride!

By Saheli Maity | September 4th, 2018

"He sees what he shouldn’t. She sees what he couldn’t. So the question is, does he see it or not?" this is what the trailer of Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte, and Tabu's Adhadhun tells you. The trailer starts off on a light note where Ayushmann is a talented piano player but ends up on a dark note where Khurrana becomes a prime suspect, turning his life upside down. 


The trailer brilliantly introduces Ayushmann's love interest Radhika Apte and the woman who will change his life forever, Tabu. So did he really commit the crime or was he at the wrong place at the wrong time? Is what the trailer leaves one wondering.   


Watch the trailer here and don't forget to tell your thoughts on the same.