Five expressions of Rekha that are perfect for everyday situations

By Saheli Maity | October 10th, 2018

Apart from her acting skills, the timeless beauty Rekha ji is also known for her bewitching dance and mesmerising expressions. The grace with which she pulls off a dance performance remains unparalleled even today. But there's one thing the epitome of elegance Rekha ji and the ordinary people like you and I share in common! Wondering what that is? Scroll down and you'll understand what we're talking about.


Take a look.


1. When your boss cracks a lame joke and you play along!




2. When your bae compliments you!


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3. When you realise your weekend is over already.




4. Me when I pose for photos.





5.  Me thinking about ALL the food I'm going to eat after the meeting.





Here's wishing the gorgeous Rekha ji a very happy birthday!