Time for a biopic on Indian tennis hero, 'Vijay Amritraj'.

By Shambhavi Mishra | September 23rd, 2017

The cast and crew of the film ‘The Hungry’ recently attended the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The movie is a collaboration between Film London and Cinestaan Film Company(CFC), they support both national and international cinemas also come up with movies having a strong connection with India that can be insightful and entertaining for the global audience too.


The great news is that the CFC has also acquired the rights for the biopic on Vijay Amritraj, who is renowned as an Indian tennis hero, sports commentator and a prestigious name on the silver screen ('Octopussy' and 'Star Trek').





Khattar, Chairman of CFC, said, "Before Vijay, no Indian sportsman was celebrated on the world stage in this manner. As Indians, we all felt proud to read about his triumphs overseas and today, we are thrilled to help bring his incredibly inspiring story on the screen. Many who know of Vijay's successes will be in awe when they see the challenges that he faced early in life, before achieving greatness."


Amritraj on all this commented saying "Parents' love, compassion, dedication and hard work under the most trying circumstances can make a child's dream come true even if he or she is nowhere near good enough in anything. I am humbled that a company like this would want to tell my story, but in reality, it's about mothers, children and overwhelming love."


Well, this movie is certainly going to give us lots of learning! We wish great luck to the makers!