Top 5 Diwali moments that anyone can relate to it easily!

By Saheli Maity | November 7th, 2018

Bollywood has given us some iconic scenes for every festival and Diwali is no exception. From lavish costumes and fireworks to elaborate dance numbers, Bollywood movies haven’t just celebrated Diwali, but given us goals on how to go about preparing for the festival of lights. And this is exactly what we want you to experience today. 


Here we bring you some of the Bollywood scenes which you may have seen on Diwali.


1. When your mom waits for his son to come home for Diwali 



2. It shows how to celebrate Diwali with your neighbours



3. When you make sure to attend the Diwali party with all your friends. 



4. That moment when your extended family and friends come together to celebrate Diwali and your crush tries to hit on you.  



5. Just to make your Diwali sweeter and happier, watch this special video. 


Happy Diwali, folks!!